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Mike Fedyk mfedyk at matchmail.com
Thu Aug 9 03:47:23 EST 2001

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 12:21:52PM -0500, Jeff Walther wrote:
> At 03:36 8/8/2001, Steven Hanley wrote:>All
> >
> >I have a 7300/200 which is broken (faulty mother board), a perfectly working
> >7200/120 and a 7200/75 to play with, I am wondering is it feasible to pull the
> >cpu out of the 7300/200 and put it in the 7200/120 and have everything still
> >work? or is this not something that should be played with?
> The 7200 does not have a CPU slot, so there is no way physically to plug in
> the CPU card from the 7300.  Further, the 7200 chip set (which is a little
> different from the 7300 chip set) uses the DRTRY signal which is not
> available on the Apple CPU card edge connector (though it is available on
> third party upgrades), so even if you could hack the card in, you'd still
> need to wire up the DRTRY signal somehow.
> (the following isn't relevant, but it is vaguely interesting)
> The 7500, 7600 and 7300 (as well as the rest of the x500, x600 PowerSurge
> family) uses the Hammerhead memory controller and CPU bus arbiter.  The
> 7200 Catalyst family uses a different memory controller and CPU bus
> arbiter.
> Interestingly, I've found some 7200 motherboards use the same ROM as the
> x500 family (Apple part numbers 341S0168, 341S0169, 341S0170, 341S0171
> while others use a different ROM that is apparently only for the 7200:
> 341S0106, 341S0107, 341S0108, 341S0109.
> The motherboards in question all have the same part number and range from
> 75 MHz to 110 MHz, so I have not been able to determine any rhyme or reason
One small correction, 7200s go up to 120Mhz.

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