benh 2.4.4-pre3, Titanium and AirPort

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Wed Apr 18 21:52:24 EST 2001

>I am currently using Benjamin Herrenschmidt 2.4.4-pre3 kernel on my
>Titanium. The only problem I am currently experiencing is that the
>kernel PCMCIA i82365.c driver do not recognized the PCI cardbus

Looks like I'll really have to find a PCMCIA card...

>Is there any solution (patch) to get it recognized ?
>Also as the current airport driver is now based on the orinoco_cs
>(and hermes) driver that depends on PCMCIA support, I am unable to
>get airport working. Is there any solution to get it working without

The airport driver should work if you built PCMCIA in the kernel
(no need to actually have a working PCMCIA).

I'm working on a separation of the airport and pcmcia stuffs so
that the airport driver can be used without pcmcia, but it's not
done yet.


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