panic on wakeup in pismo

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sat Apr 14 00:05:17 EST 2001

>I am using the 2.4.3-pre7-benh from about three days after ben announced he
>had gotten sleep working (I rsynced this source on 29/03/2001 AFAIR)
>Anyway with gmac as a module if I modprobe it in, use cat5 network and then
>when finished modprobe -r gmac and then put the laptop to sleep. I get a
>panic, the laptop does not go to sleep, the glowing apple on the lid stays
>lit and the led on the back does not start flashing. If I open the lid again
>I see a mon prompt, but I cant type anything into (probably because the
>keyboard is already disabled or something)
>If I dont remove the gmac module the laptop will go to sleep fine.
>I dont have this same problem with the airport module (which is why I dont
>see the problem often as I generally use the airport with a cipe link for
>any network access from the laptop (yes the WEP stuff is insecure and stupid
>when there are better alternatives such as cipe available))
>If this has been fixed since just say so and I will try the latest rsync of
>benh's kernel tree.

That's possibly a bug, I'll check if I properly remove the sleep notifier
when gmac module is unloaded.


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