Sound skips

Giuliano Pochini pochini at
Sun Apr 8 06:39:29 EST 2001

> >(if it doesn't involve libtool).
> hmmm.  Have you got any idea what libtool does that is different ?
> (does strace work at the moment?)

The only unusual thing strace shows is thai it calls rt_sigprocmask()
hundred times. rt_sigprocmask() stops irqs for a very short time. A
prog that calls it 1M time shows this is not what I'm looking for.
I searched in all /arch/ppc for something interesting... nothing. I
definitely need a tool to measure how much time the various
spinlock_irq's are hold.

> mmap-ing files is "bad news" even with the LL patches (IIRC).

strace libtool shows 13 lines like this:

mmap(ptrace: umoven: input/output error
)                                  = 0x30019000

I don't know what does it mean.


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