External Monitor under Pismo

Jason E. Stewart jason at openinformatics.com
Thu Apr 5 04:43:23 EST 2001

"Andrew Sharp" <andy at netfall.com> writes:

> One has to question whether anyone would be interested in adding
> this to a frame buffer driver, assuming that it isn't already
> there.  Perhaps you would be able to get a lot more direct info from
> another list, like one dedicated more to laptops or X.

X has radically changed from XF3 to XF4. The limit of my X hacking was
identifying some patches to the mouse driver code so that multiple
mice could be used independantly. I've never worked with video
drivers. I don't really want to now, I just want Rage driver to
support my external video port, and if that means writing it myself
I'm willing to learn. I'm just looking for the correct person/people
to pester in order to get started.

Ani Joshi sounds like a good starting person, Michel Danzer, maybe?

> I've actually seen an XF86Config for driving the external monitor at
> different resolution(s) from the LCD, but I can't find that info at
> the moment.  I don't know if it works with the frame buffer
> server/driver, but I know that it works with the mach64 server for
> 3.3.6.  If I could find it, it would be worth trying....

Don't know. I need XF4 and Rage128.


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