MacOS X and yaboot wars.

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Tue Sep 26 23:12:47 EST 2000

>ybin could not care less, ybin will install onto a regular file
>happily ;-)
>what DOES care is OpenFirmware, which insists on it being Apple_Boot*
>Apple_Boot is used by apple so macosx will do whatever it wants
>whenever it wants, Apple_HFS is out since macos old will ruin it as we
>have all seen.  Apple used to use Apple_Booter so i would avoid that too.
>i think the best solution is just reorder the partitions again after
>installing OSX.  using Apple_Boot would probably just mean your
>partition would be erased instead of moved which is far worse IMO.

Well, I know Ethan doesn't like this solution, but I personally like it
and feel it's ok for people who know what they are doing ;)

First, I have no bootstrap partition. I have a (around 1Gb) HFS standard
partition that I use for exchanging things between Linux and MacOS. On
this partition, I have yaboot, yaboot.conf, the kernels (but those could
be on ext2) and the OF boot script.

All I do is to configure OF manually OF to load the script (setenv boot-
device hd:10,script) and that's all.

I also have a fake System and Finder (included). Those are seen by MacOS
9.0.4 on my box as "legal" system & finder and MacOS will not unbless a
fake system folder with them in it. (In fact, it will even re-bless the
I _know_ that this doesn't work for all combinations of machines. It does
work for me (Pismo). Basically, my setup looks like:

 /Scratch (HFS exchange partition)
   |-/Bootstrap (fake system folder)
       |-Finder (fake Finder)
       |-System (fake System, could be miBoot for oldworld)
       |-MagicBoot (OF boot script with the type/creator of
       |            a MacOS ROM file (tbxi/MACS))
       |-kernels & ramdisk

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