Status of HFS+ support

Halfmann, Klaus khalfmann at
Fri Sep 15 17:45:26 EST 2000

Today I can announce a bit of progress:

The following tools currently work (readonly):

hpmount ,hpumount, hpls, hpcd, hpcopy.

They are really fresh and propably full of bugs, but I was able
to copy a file from a HFS+ volume (my major goal). Everybody
interested can ask me about the anoymous CVS acces at Suse
(thanks once again), or even better might help me :). And
yes, It should run ox x86 linux, too. But I have no acces to
a machine to really test it. (On the other hand, which x86
linux user needs this :)

I hope Suse will either provide rsync access or even
prebuild the tools. If someone volunteers I can provide the
statically linked tools to be put on some web/ftp site.

My next short-term goals are debugging the tools and begin
writing the cache I'll need for write acces later.

P.S. could someone tell me how to join the linux-fsdevel
	List ? (or better read it offline)


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