Paul Mackerras paulus at
Sat Sep 9 20:12:48 EST 2000

Tilmann Bitterberg writes:

> After looking at arch/ppc/mm/init.c:pmac_find_end_of_memory, I
> realized that there is no chance to return a total of more than
> ram_limit (which is in 512MB in my case).

Hmmm, you're right, the ram_limit limit shouldn't be applied if
CONFIG_HIGHMEM is defined.  Your patch looks a bit wrong though, we
need phys_mem.regions[0].size to reflect the total amount of ram we
are going to be using (including high memory).  I haven't had a chance
to test the highmem stuff on a machine that has a lot of memory myself

> Problem: After freeing all init stuff I get a
> Machine check in kernel mode
> Caused by (from: SRR1=81032) Machine check.
> TRAP 0200
> TASK = co1a5ff0[0] 'swapper'
> Last syscall: 120

Well, we would need to know where the machine check happened,
preferably with a stack trace.


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