Lombard hard freeze (update: mem>64MB)

Gabriel Ricard g_ricard at yahoo.com
Thu May 18 05:04:42 EST 2000

I was doing some transfers like that as well,
(downloading ISOs and the like.. heh) and never had
any problems. I don't think this is a network issue

It seems that those with 3xxMHz CPUs don't have the
same problems that those with the 400MHz CPUs do. Is
this correct? I'm also wondering if there were just
some bad SODIMMs that made it into the Lombards and
that's causing the problems...

--- jeramy b smith <ultrapenguin at netscape.net> wrote:
> > > I'm experiencing (seldom) freezes with this
> config when I have
> > > some heavy network activity and,
> I don't have any ethernet problems except for a
> dropped frame when trying to
> retrieve a dhcp address. Aside from that, I can do
> ultra-high 500kbps+
> sustained network activity with no problems.
> > Well with 64MB I never had freeses to far.
> >
> > Chris told me that he has a 333Mhz lombard.
> > I have the 400 Mhz model, maybe this makes a
> difference which is
> > more problematic when the clock speed it higher.
> >
> > Jeramy, what speed does your lombard run on?
> > 	Bernhard
> 333mhz/192MB of memory. Current uptime:
> 11:01am  up 14:52,  3 users,  load average: 0.07,
> 0.09, 0.04
> -Jeramy

Gabriel Ricard
g_ricard at yahoo.com

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