IxMicro TwinTurbo device ID and revison number?

Ani Joshi ajoshi at shell.unixbox.com
Sun May 14 10:09:57 EST 2000

On Sun, 14 May 2000, Ryuichi Oikawa wrote:

> Hi,
> I've started major update of Xpmac server mainly for "linux beginners".
> For this purpose I need IxMicro TwinTurbo128 PCI device ID and revision
> number. Could someone show me your TwinTurbo128's lspci -vvx output with
> the precise card model?

Please forward me any lspci's you get as I will be needing them for the
XFree 4.0 IMS TwinTurbo driver i'm writing. thanks!

(right now I only have the IMSTT 128 and 3D's id's, is the UltimateRez one
of these or different?)


> The maintanance of the server will be over when XFree86 4.0 becomes
> stable and easy to use(for beginners, too) state and XFree86 projects
> Inc. stops 3.x series maintanace.
> I'm not very sure if this attempt isn't a waste of time.
> Any suggestion, advice, information, etc. are greatly apprecicated.

It sounds great, but as you mentioned above, 4.01 (hopefully with working
ATI and IMSTT on ppc) will pretty much obsolete Xpmac as I don't see any
reason for anybody to use xpmac over a (granted, working) 4.x.

are there any?

> Ryuichi.


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