Wallstreet Ethernet

Simon Stapleton simon at tufty.co.uk
Tue May 9 02:04:28 EST 2000

Hi guys.

I was wondering if any progress has been made on the Wallstreet /
ethernet problems issue that was being discussed a while back?

I'm seeing the same issues - real slow connections, a shedload
of packet collisions and occasional crashes when the disk is

I can probably gather some more stats if that would be helpful.

Wallstreet II, kernel 2.2.14p9 (I know, I know, but it seems pretty
stable and apart from the ethernet issue it all works),
standard LinuxPPC 1999 install.  192MB memory, some kind of
IBM disk.

If there's a patch out there, or a newer kernel fixes it, I'd be
grateful.  I'm a bit wary of the 2.3 kernels - I need working
hfs as well as linux, unfortunately - but I'm willing to give
them a go.  ISTR there was some question of whether it was the
disk itself that was causing the problems - If that's the case
I'll just go and shell out for an 18gig drive (not that I've been
looking for an excuse, or anything ;-)

I'd have a go at hacking the code if I had the time, but I'm working
18+ hour days at the moment.  Such is life <sigh>.


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