problem with compressing the kernel

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Jun 28 22:41:37 EST 2000

In message <3959E550.3CC61CD at> Steven Hanley wrote:
> on other architectures. I still strongly suspect the person asking on a
> ppc list how to compress a kernel for linux on an NT box was somewhat
> confused at least.

No, I don't think so. He probably just wants (or has) to use NT as  a
cross  development environment for building Linux images. It's pretty
normal to do that usinf Linux boxen, but  I  guess  his  employer  is
still preferring NT installations :-(

> well if the hardware is embedded or similarly lacking in space as
> someone suggested I can understand the need, or possible x86. Otherwise
> I would be surprised if the hardware cant handle large images. There is
> a difference between "need" and "common use"

Not all things that "can" be done are practical. I _can_ compile  the
Linux  kernel  on  a  MPC860  system with 16 MB RAM running with root
filesystem over NFS. It takes well over two hours  on  that  board  -
it's  a  good  regression  test,  but it's not practical for software

For some of us, embedded systems are common use.

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