problem with compressing the kernel

Tony Mantler nicoya at
Wed Jun 28 22:18:09 EST 2000

At 4:05 AM -0500 6/28/2000, Gabriel Paubert wrote:
>On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Steven Hanley wrote:
>> you seem to be confused anyway, yes the kernel is compressed for x86
>> machiens (it is however not compressed for other architectures, my ppc
>> box uses a normal uncompresased vmlinux image.
>Perhaps on a Mac, but _all_ the kernels I have ever built for _all_ my PPC
>machines have _always_ been compressed, without a _single_ exception.
>Browsing the tree you'll easily find that there the kernel image is
>compressed (maybe depending on some CONFIG option) on:
>- alpha
>- arm
>- i386
>- m68k
>- ppc

Just to confuse the issue a bit, I'd like to note that on Mac68k (maybe
m68k in general, I don't recall), you *can* take an uncompressed kernel
image, run it through gzip or bzip2, and boot with it. Sometimes always
needing a seperate bootloader can be a luxury. :)

Cheers - Tony :)

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