Status of hfs support as of 2.4.0-test1-ac21

Halfmann, Klaus khalfmann at
Fri Jun 23 19:57:55 EST 2000

I played around with hfs support in this developer kernel and
penetrated my hfs partion with some paralell cp-s and rm-s
(I copied "the linux kernel" documentation around :-)
After every step I rebootet into MacOs and ran DiskFirstAid (DFA)
but nothing was found. cp and rm complained about problems with the
.finderinfo and .resource directories, but I expected it this way.
I used my iBook for testing.

Is there anything else i _must_ check for a fs to be considered
stable ?

In case anyone reports a bug to me in this area I'll try to fix

Meanwhile I'll have a look at the hfsutils
( ) and will start
moving them to HFS+.

I found however some bugs not related to hfs and may reproduce
them in detail in case someone asks:
  - the console driver messed up some pixels while editing
  - hdparm did not always work correctly
    (I use pmud and it calls hdparm depending on the battery load)
    Sometimes I got stuck with the message "hda interrupt lost"
    or similar.


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