Time to review the Developer's Directory

jeramy b smith ultrapenguin at netscape.net
Fri Jun 23 09:02:54 EST 2000

The developer's directory has gotten a bit dated and since it will be a part
of the new linuxppc.org site, we need to make sure it is fairly up to date.

URL of the test site:
URL of the developers area:
URL of the the developers directory:

The formatting of the directory will change to accomodate readability but for
now we need to make sure that it is up to date. Developer's who are no longer
active need to be dropped and projects need to be brought up to current.

Remember, once this site becomes linuxppc.org and starts getting a lot of
hits; you don't want to have your name misspelled or have the wrong project in
your credit.


PS: If someone wants space for a section of development information on the
site, just email me. The embedded section was only added because someone
_asked_. If you think you have info other developer's can use and are willing
to maintain it yourself, send me a mail.

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