3D accel on PPC

Kostas Gewrgiou gewrgiou at imbc.gr
Tue Jun 20 06:06:33 EST 2000

On Sun, 18 Jun 2000, Timothy A. Seufert wrote:

> Has anybody made progress in getting 3D acceleration to work on PPC?
> I *thought* I saw a message a few days ago about XF 4.x DRI work
> being done to make R128 3D accel run on PPC, and I know Kostas
> Gewgriou (hope I spelled that right Kostas ;)

  Close, Georgiou is the correct one actually

> was doing work some
> time ago on 3Dfx Glide.  But I can't seem to find much of anything in
> the mailing list archives.

  The dri cvs tree (dri.sourceforge.net) has support for r128 and
xf 4.0.1 will include it as well. About PPC support now i don't
think that it will work out of the box (it might be easy to fix it

I've send some time ago a couple of patches in dri
(not yet included in the tree, but you can get them from
http://sourceforge.net/patch/?group_id=387) that will let
you build the drm modules and XF/DRI. Since i know next to
nothing about ppc asm there are probably errors there, but
my voodoo3 was running fine with them ;P

What is holding back ppc voodoo3 in xfree right now
is PIO support, i tried to use tdfxfb to get away from
this but there a problems there as well (the xserver
needs a 2*vramsize mapping in the framebuffer but fbdev
can't do this unless i patch tdfxfb to think that its
vram is 2*realsize, Geert any ideas how we can get away
from this ?)

> Basically, if anybody out there has accelerated GL running (or close
> to running) on either R128 or Voodoo3 hardware, I'm very interested
> in helping you debug and test it.

  If you are willing to live with hardlocks/crashes etc i can send you
what i have for the voodoo3, GL (glide) works but i am missing some
byteswaps in texture transfers(?) in glide so the engince locks badly
and often :(

>    Tim Seufert


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