3D accel on PPC

Michel Dänzer daenzerm at student.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 19 19:00:10 EST 2000

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 19, 2000, Michel Dänzer <daenzerm at student.ethz.ch> wrote:
> >
> >XF 4.0.1 will include DRI support for Rage128. However, it needs agpgart to
> >work, so no luck on PPC yet :(
> Their implementation is not able to work at all without an AGP GART ?
> That's brain-dead !

Hmm... looking at recent changes in the DRI ati-4-0-1 branch, I spotted the

- Added minimal PCI support (PIO only with no VBs)
  - Autodetect PCI cards -- selets CCE PIO mode and disables VBs
  - Kernel module will now build without AGP support (for PCI cards only)

Is this good news? If yes, let's hope it'll be in 4.0.1 ...

> what about all the 3D PCI cards out there ? And all the machines that simply
> don't have a working AGP ? AGP should be an optimisation, not a requirement!

Of course, but we are living in an x86 centric world *sigh*

> I have all the details (I think) to implement support for the Uni-N GART
> in the new Core99 macs, I'll give this a try one of these days.

Cool! What about the DRM module, any idea if it works?


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