Need for Cross Platform Updates Distribution

Olaf Hering olh at
Mon Jun 19 15:57:13 EST 2000

On Sun, Jun 18, hendricks wrote:

> My idea is that the iso-image (identical) would be available from all
> distributions and also sold for some small fee by all distributions.
> I can create all of the JDK binaries, I am building the kde2 beta 2
> stuff as I write this, I have all the GNOME Helix 1.2 binaries and
> srpms, Jack has the XFree 4.0 rpms and srpms with the latest G4/Rage 128
> Pro fixes in place, I have the Xpmac source (and some changes from
> Ryuichi to integrate), I have access to alot of patches (both from
> Blackdown and Sun) that fix serious bugs in OpenMotif 2.1, Franz already
> has posted his latest tool chain, and Paul's 2.2.16 rsync kernel is
> available right now.  I also have the cvs from last night of Mozilla and
> will build it this week.
> All of this would be available for some sort of joint effort to quickly
> get out an updates CD for everyone to use.
> What do people think?  Is this stealing too much thunder from thenext
> distributions releases?  If not, I say let's do it.

The idea is good, but it will not work because every distro has its own
filesystem structure. As example, we put everything under
/opt/{kde,gnome}, the RedHat based distros somewhere under /usr. Another
problem is the naming convention of the rpm files. We have a rpms with
maximal 8 chars and this will lead to problems when upgrading the stuff.
You can not mix that or your rpm database becomes useless.

Gruss Olaf

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       Main feature not yet implemented...

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