ATI Mach64 support in XFree86 4.0 update...

Ani Joshi ajoshi at
Mon Jun 19 10:02:36 EST 2000

Since there have been many people asking about mach64 support int xfree
4.0 I figured I might as well give you all the status of the driver.

I am almost done with 'porting' the ATI driver to ppc and so far its
working quite well.  While I'm not completely finished with all the
acceleration, what is completed are:  ScreenToScreen blits, rect fills,
sold lines, and 8x8 mono pattern fills.

Unfortunately due to some binary driver incompatibilities between current
xfree86 cvs and Jack Howarth's 4.0-stock rpms, the driver seems to not
work with his rpms.  Luckily, the next xfree86 release is around the
corner so once that happens I will merge the driver and put up a
compatibile release.

For those interested in the driver's development, I will be placing info
and binary snapshots (xfree liscence prohibits me from releasing source),

Here you will find x11perf results comparison between the driver and
Xpmac, a bootlog of the driver, and some other various things i throw up


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