Interrupt hick ups

Geert Uytterhoeven geert at
Wed Jun 14 07:19:17 EST 2000


Since a few kernel versions (late 2.3.x), I see interrupt hick ups when doing
disk access on my Sym53c875. I.e. when I'm typing something and the disk
shows a lot of activity, keystrokes and mouse moves happen in burst with some
delay (ca. 2 seconds).

Anyone seeing a similar thing? This is on a CHRP LongTrail.

  1:       3232   i8259         keyboard
  2:          0   i8259         82c59 secondary cascade
  3:      33331   i8259         serial
  4:          9   i8259         serial
  8:          0   i8259         rtc
 16:          0   OpenPIC       82c59 cascade
 22:     385557   OpenPIC       MESH
 29:      30531   OpenPIC       eth0
 31:     218039   OpenPIC       sym53c8xx
BAD:          8



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