G4 configuration

Ryan Boder rboder at grn.georet.net
Thu Jun 8 06:05:58 EST 2000

Nelson Abramson wrote:
> Ryan Boder wrote:
> > Does anyone have a .config to configure a kernel that is stable on the
> > G4 sawtooth? I have the current stable source but every kernel I compile
> > freezes and corrupts my root file system. If anyone has one will you
> > please mail it to me?
> The .config that comes with Paul's tree (via rsync) should compile and run
> your sawtooth just fine.  It worked for me...
> If you are using that one and still having problems, you may want to do
> some more investigation.
> --Nelson Abramson

I have tried the regular defconfig that comes with tree. With that one
it said kernel stack overflow when I was booting. Then I tried the
pmac_defconfig and it said that the pc had reached memory out of bounds.
Finally I took the defconfig from ben H's 2.2.15pre3 kernel and went
through the whole make config process using ben's config as a guide. The
kernel I got out of this booted successfully but as soon as I logged in
it said kernel stack overflow and froze up. I know that Ben's
configuartion works because I am using his kernel right now. So I am at
a loss as to why I can't compile a kernel that works. I just rsynced the
source right before I tried these so it is about as new as possible.

If anyone has figured this out before or has any ideas what's causing
the stack overflow let me know. Thanks.

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