Powerbook hard freeze summary (sort of)

Chris Leishman masklin at debian.org
Thu Jun 8 01:35:17 EST 2000

On Wed, May 24, 2000 at 04:18:37PM +0200, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Okay, we have a couple of people running stable Lombards with
> more than 64 MB.
> On the other hand, we have people having hard freezes with
> Lombard and Pismos even with 64 MB.
> So my analysis is as follows:
> High bus speed (400 Mhz) seems to be necessary to trigger this hard
> freeze.
> More memory makes it more likely for hard freezes to appear.
> If there is a problem with the memory it is more likely that it is with the
> original 64 MB.
> Is there somebody out there having a >=400 Mhz Lombard
> and Pismo who is _not encountering hard freezes_ under high pressure?
> (Preferably with more that 64MB. Because I never got the hard freeze
> when I only used 64MB with the mem=64MB switch.)
> It might as well be a design problem of the Powerbooks. Can any of the
> hardware kernel hackers comments on the differences in architecture
> for powerbooks and the other G3s? Maybe a linux driver is written sloppy
> in this area not taking in account how the hardware actually works?
> 	Bernhard
> ps.: Just I reminder: I am not subscribed ot the list.

Just to let you know that I'm also running a Pismo with 192 megs ram,
and it seems very stable.  I'm compiled kernels and run tripwire over the
filesystem (lots of IO doing that) and no problems.  I'm running the
linux-pmac-stable kernel.


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