[patch] VRAM detection in controlfb

Michel Dänzer daenzer at relog.ch
Mon Jun 5 22:59:16 EST 2000

Michel Lanners wrote:

> 1. What do the vc: and map: options do?

map: maps framebuffer devices to VCs. E.g. I use

	video=pm2fb:... video=amifb:... video=map:000011

So pm2fb is fb0 and amifb fb1, and VCs 1-4 are handled by pm2fb while 5 and
six are handled by amifb. Hope you get the idea.

> 2. Why can you specify more options after 'scrollback:', separated with
>    a ',', but not after the 'map:' option (no other options possible),

I guess it doesn't make sense to mix map: with device specific options because
it affects all devices.

>    whereas you can have more options following 'vc:', but without a
>    separator?

If only I knew what vc: is for :)


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