Latest OpenPic changes

Cort Dougan cort at
Sat Feb 12 08:17:32 EST 2000

} Note that there are still problems, some functions use check_arg_irq(irq)
} and then use irq while othre use irq-open_pic_irq_offset after the same
} check. I'm still trying to understand how it should work since I suspect
} something is wrong given the behaviour of my nfsroot machines :-(
} Oh and BTW there is a typo in the sources:
} 		if ( !(_machine && (_MACH_gemini|_MACH_Pmac)) )
} 				^^
} should be & otherwise the cascade interrupt will never be requested.

I think we should drop the check_irq_arg() calls everywhere.  They will
always fail for IPI's and since we remap the irqs anyway it doesn't matter.

I'll fix the typo... Thanks :)

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