bk 2.4-test7 broken

Andreas Tobler toa at pop.agri.ch
Wed Aug 16 07:47:28 EST 2000

To answer myself...

Andreas Tobler wrote:

> On the wallstreet  I get as far as Jack does, but my screen is
> unreadable. On the 7200 (601-cpu) I enter the xmon just after arch:exit.
> The only thing I see here is this:
> vector: 700 at pc = c00061bc, lr = c0004bd4, msr = 81030, sp = c0208f10 [c0208e60]
> current = c0207020, pid = 0, comm = swapper.

A previous test on linux-pmac-devel(2.4.0-test5) was successful (until
to the adaptec...), so I tought the changes got in in bk too. Nop, a
reminder on a previous mail from Takashi I checked the time.c in
arch/ppc/kernel. The 'mftb' call is still there..... (which the 601
doesn't likes/understands)

So I think a merge between linuxcare-devel and bk isn't done up to now...


BTW, on the wallstreet I see the boot log ok when I booted with
BootX.app. So I suppose it's depending on the registers....

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