Backlight control on Lombard PB

Derek Homeier supas100 at
Thu Aug 10 04:26:36 EST 2000

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > It should be in the linux-pmac-benh branch then, yeah? I rsynced again
> > from yesterday (or rather 2:00 UT this morning), and the
> > problem still remains. Is there anything else to do, upgrade to a newer
> > BootX perhaps, or whatever?
> Compile you own kernel, and add a || machine_is_compatible("PowerBook1,1")
> right after the || machine_is_compatible("AAPL,PowerBook1999") in
> arch/ppc/kernel/pmac_support.c:register_backlight_controller(). That fixed
> it for me. I'll resync and see what BenH did there later today.
Hmm, there is a  || machine_is_compatible("AAPL,PowerBook1,1")
in it. I'll check the file I rsynced at home later.


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