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Hendricks, Kevin khendricks at
Sat Aug 5 04:52:14 EST 2000


> I'm not really against the web site idea, but it's just that there won't
> be too many people submitting patches in the first place to warrent the
> extra administrative burden on developers with write access to BK, I would
> think.

I don't agree.  A separate website is important.  I don't work on the kernel
directly but I have submitted patches here and there and have run into problems
when testing/debugging the JDK that are kernel issues.

I don't want write access to any tree, but I do need to see what patches are
going in, what changed, the status of my own patches, etc.

Also, I think we could easily modify any of the simple bugdatabase programs like
bugzilla to do exactly what we want (instead of calling them bugs, call them
patches, instead of fixed, call them accepted, etc)  You could also create
categories so that driver patches are separate from other patches easily with
this type of software.

We are getting more and more people contributing to the kernel process

I think a simple modified bugtracking system linked to
could be easily made to serve this purpose without having/needing a whole new

My two cents:


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