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Ramprasad Rao ramp at
Sat Apr 29 01:03:31 EST 2000

Hi -

I've been trying to get USB devices to work under linuxppc and have not
had any success. I know that the mouse and keyboards work and so does
the printer (at least the epson 740). What about other devices? I'm
interested in getting a functional USB  storage at least. Has anyone
had any luck? I have looked at the <linux-usb> mailing list and website
and I find evidence of working zip drives etc. but most (or all) seem
to be linux-x86.

Question: Does the latest devel kernel at linuxcare have all the usb
patches? All my efforts have been with building a kernel from the rsynced
sources from Paul's site.

I have also tried applying the usb-backport to the latest stable sources from
linuxcare. These patches never apply cleanly and don't compile also.

Any suggestions (or ideas).

Thanks - Ramprasad

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