the problem with kernel format

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl-kernel at
Fri Apr 28 23:10:19 EST 2000

At 13:42 28.04.00, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > How I can translate the ELF to BIN( BDX...)????????
> > By the way, the visionPROBE provides a converter , which can
> > only translate the usual ELF to BIN(BDX).
> > But the kernel file is a compressed one(including vmlinux,bootloader,
> > and other initializing code).So the converter can't translate the
> compressed
> > one to BIN(BDX).
>There should be a file called 'vmlinux' in the top level directory of your
>kernel source. This is the kernel image, uncompressed, without boot loader
>or decompressor, in ELF format. Seems your converter should like that file
>better than zImage.

Yes, that should work better, the toplevel vmlinux is a pure ELF file with
debug information included. Be careful though that you need the very latest
binutils-, a current snapshot or a cvs checkout of binutils to
generate a 100% (?) valid ELF file, a bug in this area was fixed just
recently. Otherwise the ELF converter/loader may choke on the debug
information. If you use gcc-2.95.2 (which you really should) to compile the
kernel, you can change the debug flag in the CFLAGS from -g to -gdwarf-2 to
get a lot more and very valuable debug information.

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