XFree 4.0 dual monitor on AGP G4

W. Taylor Holliday wtholliday at ucdavis.edu
Thu Apr 27 05:51:25 EST 2000

>> Unfortunately, the XFree86 4.0 docs say that PCI id's are mandatory for
>> dual-head configs.
> So? You have specified them.

Well using fbdev in principle should be abstracted from pci hardware.

>> Oh and it dies before it writes to the logfile. So I have no clue what to do
>> next. Suggestions?
> - remount (at least) the partition containing /var/log in sync mode (to get at
>   least something from the log)
> - run X with -probeonly
> Michel

given what Kostas Gewrgiou told me regarding the fbdev_open_pci function,
viewing logs isn't going to do me any good.

oh, and probeonly crashes the machine :-(

- Taylor

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