Dual head on a Powerbook

FASSINO Jean-Philippe jeanphilippe.fassino at rd.francetelecom.fr
Wed Apr 26 17:40:19 EST 2000

Tim Wojtulewicz wrote:

> FASSINO Jean-Philippe wrote:
> > Tim Wojtulewicz wrote:
> >
> > > I'm trying to connect a projector to the monitor port on the back of my
> > > powerbook, so I can do a presentation with it.  Anyone have any
> > > information on dual headed support on powerbooks?  Pismo, LinuxPPC2000,
> > > 2.2.15pre19
> >
> > I'm doing this using Xpmac and booting with BootX.
> > First configure external display to be primary in MacOS (be
> > careful with depth color !).
> > Next, start Linux which display on external monitor.
> > This method work only with Xpmac and not with FBDev (3.3.x).
> I tried this just now and it didn't work.  In MacOS, I have the monitor set
> to 1024x768 at thousands of colors.  Both monitors display the same image.
> When I boot back to Linux, something flashes on the external monitor.  It
> says something about OF, but it disappears to fast for me to read it fully.
> Then the image disappears, and nothing else appears on the external monitor.
> I am using the latest (rev 9) Xpmac.

Do not use same display on external and internal monitor. And set external to
Start Xpmac with option "-depth 32" or "-depth 16".
I think you need Xpmac rev10 at :


And it must work !


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