Dual head on a Powerbook

erik cameron cameron at senta.uchicago.edu
Wed Apr 26 09:03:34 EST 2000

i was trying to do this a while ago (lombard, linuxppc1999, pre11) and
didn't have any luck.  i think there was some talk of support, but
the code simply isn't there.  (it also doesn't support waking from the
usb bus yet; if you want to use the external monitor on these instead
of the lcd, under macos you would sleep it, close it and wake it from
the external keyboard.  which isn't an option yet, iirc.)

please, if i was just being silly and i'm wrong, correct me.  i'd love
to know how to do this too.  :)

on 04/25/00, 15:18:07 -0700, Tim Wojtulewicz said...
> I'm trying to connect a projector to the monitor port on the back of my
> powerbook, so I can do a presentation with it.  Anyone have any
> information on dual headed support on powerbooks?  Pismo, LinuxPPC2000,
> 2.2.15pre19
> Tim

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