aty128 and offb and linux-2.3.99pre6

Martin Costabel costabel at
Thu Apr 20 09:07:23 EST 2000

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> I'd really like to get rid of all these:
>     s3triofb_init_of()
>     imsttfb_of_init()
>     chips_of_init()
>     matrox_of_init()
>     control_of_init()
>     valkyrie_of_init()
>     platinum_of_init()
>     clgen_of_init()
> These are all PCI based, so they can be found using PCI probing and marked
> busy using PCI resource management.

Please leave the support for valkyriefb as it is. It may not be perfect,
but it works well enough, even with 2.3.99-pre6. My attempts to  switch
it to the new PCI resource management failed miserably. I am not sure if
it has everything that makes a true PCI card.


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