Anyone running LinuxPPC2000+PCMCIA+WallStreet?

Daniel Haas Daniel.Haas at
Mon Apr 17 20:57:43 EST 2000

> From: "Mark S. Mathews" <mark at>
> We're trying to run a LinuxPPC 2000 install on a WallStreet M4753 and
> trying to get PCMCIA going.  Of course, we've had loads of trouble.  ;-)

One of the important things is to have the right settings in

I use the following on my wallstreet (no extensive tests, but no crashing

include port 0x000-0xfff, port 0x400-0x4ff, port 0x100-0x1000
include memory 0xa0000000/0xa0ffffff, memory 0x60000000-0x60ffffff

try and see if it works

good luck

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