Blue & White & SCSI & Ultra 2 SCSI & Kernel > 2.2.10 -> No Disk s

Michel Lanners mlan at
Sun Apr 9 19:13:55 EST 2000

On   8 Apr, this message from John Doty echoed through cyberspace:
> My Yosemite G3 (Rev 2) has *two* SCSI cards: an Adaptec 2930CU, and an
> Adaptec 2940U2B (Ultra 2 Wide). Last summer, my son Matt (who
> occasionally posts here on comp.os.linux.powerpc) set it up as a
> LinuxPPC machine with a 2.2.10 kernel from Robert Shaw's site.  As a
> compute/file server, it has been great.
> However,  attempts to upgrade to a more recent kernel invariably
> encountered SCSI problems. The most common symptom was an inability to
> mount the root  filesystem.
> We have finally gotten partway to the bottom of this. Apparently, if the
> 2930 controller is present the kernel cannot find the 2940 controller
> (and the 2940 has the disks on it). With the 2930 pulled (I don't really
> need it the way I'm currently using the system), SCSI works fine with
> the newer kernels.

Isn't this the OF resource assignment problem discussed here some time
ago? Have a look at the mailing list archives...


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