Blue & White & SCSI & Ultra 2 SCSI & Kernel > 2.2.10 -> No Disks

John Doty jpd at
Sun Apr 9 11:37:27 EST 2000

Robert Shaw wrote:

> John Doty wrote:
> > We have finally gotten partway to the bottom of this. Apparently, if the
> > 2930 controller is present the kernel cannot find the 2940 controller
> > (and the 2940 has the disks on it). With the 2930 pulled (I don't really
> > need it the way I'm currently using the system), SCSI works fine with
> > the newer kernels.
> Yes, I've found this issue with the latest kernels with someone else as
> well. Do any of the SCSI driver developers out there know what might be
> causing this? Apparently, when there are more than one Adaptec SCSI
> controllers (doesn't seem to matter which ones, but most notably a narrow
> controller and a wide controller combo), the SCSI driver freaks out and
> does not recognize either properly.

Actually, in my case the kernel *did* recognize the (narrow) 2930 when the
2940 was there. I even managed to install a working system on a 1G Jaz
cartridge. I just couldn't use my big fast disks. Your mileage may vary,,,

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