stty crtscts < /dev/ttyS1

Giuliano Pochini pochini at
Sat Apr 8 10:35:42 EST 2000

> >> Hardware flow control is broken. The command in the subject line (stty
> >> crtscts < /dev/ttyS1) freezes linux 2.2.14. Any idea why?
> >
> >Try this syntax: "stty -F /dev/ttyS1 crtscts". There's a comment in the
> >info doc for stty that letting the shell open the device may block in
> >certain situations.
> Does not help -- still freezes.
> By freezes I mean that the kernel dies. It no longer responds to
> keypresses. It no longer runs processes. All that I can do is hit reset.

What is connected to the serial port ?  When I enable RTS/CTS on ttyS1
and there is my Epson 740 attached, the whole system freezed. I don't
know why this happen exactly. It seems that the printer changes continuosly
with very high frequency  the state of CTS, which cause the serial driver
to loop indefinitely. When I detach the cable, Linux awakes. It also happens
with BeOS, but not under MacOS.
RTS/CTS works fine when I connect the serial port to the modem or to
another computer.


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