XFree 4 & sound problems

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Thu Apr 6 03:01:31 EST 2000

On Wed, Apr 5, 2000, Nelson Abramson <pogtal at erols.com> wrote:

>> If I just let things go and don't touch anything, it plays fine. The
>> freeze requires a reset button reboot--the machine is not reachable at
>> all (i.e. it's not just X).
>Could you maybe check what parameters you have enabled on your disk via
>hdparm?  I have had a few hard freezes, and I think they are related to a
>small bug in either multiword dma or irq masking.  If I have those options
>enabled, I occasionally get a machine freeze, caused by xmms (once by
>slocate via cron)...(that's what the xmon debugger says anyways)

That's really interesting since there is no bug I know of. Can you please
tell me:

  - The exact machine model
  - Did the problem began with a specific kernel or did you always had it
  - Do you use the "nap" mode for power management ? (assuming it's a


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