XFree 4 & sound problems

Matt Haffner haffner at astro.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 5 15:53:44 EST 2000

I'm a little confused why there is a problem with XFree 4 and sound
since I wouldn't think XFree does anything with it, but I'm getting hard
freezes when playing MP3's in XMMS and mpg123 whenever I do significant
X actions (switching desktops, starting Netscape, mousing a menu, etc.).
If I just let things go and don't touch anything, it plays fine. The
freeze requires a reset button reboot--the machine is not reachable at
all (i.e. it's not just X).

I'm on a rev. 1 B&W with a 2K install and 2.2.15pre14. These are the
only kernel sound flags set in my build:



       (tried 'n' as well here since I thought dma took care of it all)

I suppose it could be a more subtle interaction with the new kernel as
well. I had pre3 originally but had to upgrade for XFree 4 USB. However,
I can play songs from a VT without running X with mpg123 without
trouble. Also, if I switch back to Xpmac.r128, everything works again
without crashing even under the new kernel.

Anyone else having this problem? I'm happy to muck around if you have an
idea where I can start looking for the problem. Is enabling any of the
kernel debugging options worthwhile in these hard freezes or is it too
quick to trigger any useful dumping?

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