Install on a Pismo (going bad)

Tim Wojtulewicz Tim.Wojtulewicz at NAU.EDU
Wed Apr 5 11:30:43 EST 2000

At 11:19 PM +0200 4/4/00, Olaf Hering wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 04, Henry A. Worth wrote:
>>  > From: Tim Wojtulewicz <Tim.Wojtulewicz at NAU.EDU>
>>  > I've come to the decision that the hard drive is fried :(.  I've
>>  > tried formatting the drive with Drive Setup and it returns
>>  > Initialization Failed every time.  I'm glad I bought the 3 year
>>  > warranty now.
>>  I suspect Drive Setup has problems with the Pismo and/or OS/9,
>>  had same problem if I selected the option to zero the partitions.
>>  Try without that option.
>I had that problem a long time ago with my 7200/90 and MkLinux or so,
>can't remember exactly.
>Drive Setup is buggy, it should be OpenSource ;)
>Gruss Olaf

Well, after a night of fighting with it, I was ready to give up.  For
some reason, when I got up this morning it felt like cooperating with
me.  I managed to get the drive formatted correctly, and I'm gonna
work on installing Linux on it tonight.  Thanks for all the help.



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