Geert Uytterhoeven geert at sonycom.com
Mon Sep 27 17:05:51 EST 1999

On 26 Sep 1999 minyard at acm.org wrote:
> It's not working on my Lombard in 24-bit mode.  15-bit mode works
> fine.  Specifically, the server says:
>    No valid modes found
> at startup when 24bpp is specified.  It doesn't say why it is not
> valid, it just doesn't work.  Since it works in 15bpp mode, that seems
> rather odd.
> Also, starting the screen saver causes the following:
>   Fatal server error:
>   fbdevUpdateColormap: FBIOPUTCMAP failed (Function not implemented)
> That would be nice to have fixed.  This did the same thing for 3.3.3.

You need to use a frame buffer device that's specific for your hardware, not
just offb.



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