LinuxPPC equivalent of LocationManager ???

Martin Costabel costabel at
Fri Sep 24 06:11:56 EST 1999

Stephen Travis Pope wrote:
> Hello all,
> I use LinuxPPC on a Lombard/Bronze PowerBook and *love* it. I also move
> between several sites (home, office, campus, etc.) and (in the Mac
> world) have several LocationManager setups for networking (PPP vs.
> 10BaseT connection, different IP addresses, domains, name servers,
> etc.).
> Does anyone have a set of scripts for managing multiple sets of /etc/*
> config files for simulating LocationManager on LinuxPPC???

There is the possibility to define different profiles in linuxconf. I
haven't tested this, and I haven't heard from anyone that has. Mostly
linuxconf haters online lately..


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