ssh2 and multiheaded X

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Wed Sep 22 21:09:12 EST 1999

> > I tried compiling ssh2, but it aborts with errors on va_arg. Something
> > with assigment of incompatible types...
> There have been many problems with va_args on PPC due to the fact that the
> designers of the SYSV varargs interface had to stand out :-( 
>  Basically you have to use the provided standard macros and _never_ try to
> outsmart them because `everybody knows that actually you can simply walk
> an array' is utterly wrong on PPC. 
> And I don't enter the alignment issues which have changed between
> versions...
> Disclaimer: I've not seen the code, but there have been several varargs
> related problems and this was always the answer AFAIR. 

I still get segfaults due to varargs even though I use the standard macros. 
That's with gcc 2.95.1 and it seems to involve pointers to user defined
structs solely. Haven't had time to debug this lately but I can try to write
some sample code to demonstrate it. 


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