how to build rs/6000 kernels

Stephen Edie sedie at
Wed Sep 22 02:55:18 EST 1999


You will need to copy the zImage from arch/chrpboot as opposed to
arch/boot.  Additionally keep in mind that there have been bugs in various
versions of F50 firmware that prevent large images from netbooting.  (The
limit tends to be between 1.5 and 2MBs depending on the firmware version)


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On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Brad Midgley wrote:

> hi,
> i'm trying to find out why i haven't been able to build my own kernel that
> will boot. (the YDL rs6k kernel will boot on this f50)
> i did "make common_config xconfig dep clean zImage" (i saved without
> changing any of the config options) and copied arch/boot/zImage to
> /tftpboot. then I booted the f50 from the net. the machine gets a default
> catch saying "PreP BOOT: Could not open deblocker." it does exactly the
> same thing if i try to boot from a floppy.
> is this the right build procedure?
> is openprojects a good mirror of vger? i'm using openprojects. 
> is there a known-good kernel source snapshot?
> do some combinations of build tools work better than others? i'm using
> fsirl's latest egcs with the latest binutils.
> Brad
> brad at |

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