how to build rs/6000 kernels

Brad Midgley brad at
Wed Sep 22 02:32:42 EST 1999


i'm trying to find out why i haven't been able to build my own kernel that
will boot. (the YDL rs6k kernel will boot on this f50)

i did "make common_config xconfig dep clean zImage" (i saved without
changing any of the config options) and copied arch/boot/zImage to
/tftpboot. then I booted the f50 from the net. the machine gets a default
catch saying "PreP BOOT: Could not open deblocker." it does exactly the
same thing if i try to boot from a floppy.

is this the right build procedure?

is openprojects a good mirror of vger? i'm using openprojects. 

is there a known-good kernel source snapshot?

do some combinations of build tools work better than others? i'm using
fsirl's latest egcs with the latest binutils.

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