dmasound module: interrupt (de)allocation panic

Geert Uytterhoeven Geert.Uytterhoeven at
Mon Sep 20 17:15:48 EST 1999

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Joseph Garcia wrote:
> I've caught a problem in interrupt deallocation of the dmasound module. 
> According to the top of the source file, you have done most of the work in this
> area, so i figured you would be most qualfied in providing insight in fixing
> this.  This came to my attention while attempting to improve the wallstreet

I worked on the Amiga part of the driver only.

> sleep code so that sound will wake up as well, in which modularity code would
> come in handy.  I am aware that Benjamin Herrenschmidt's and Paul Mackerras'
> attempts at resolving this sleep/sound issue haven't been successful.
> Here are my notes on the issue:
> In order to make the module, i had to force "machine compatibility" as a g3
> powerbook to prevent a linker error. (not to important.  i usually compile it in
> anyway)
> upon installing and removing, a second install results in a interrupt
> initialization failure, however sound works.
> Installing the module, removing it, sleeping it, and reinstalling it still
> yeilds same results as if no sleep at all (sound works, interrupt init fail)
> if the system is slept with the sound installed or compiled in, afterwards, the
> system acts as if it works, though there is no output. (this is the original
> problem we have been having trouble with)
> the module can be removed the second time, but the kernel panics upon a 3rd
> install.
> the kernel also panics in a simple "strnlen" call (PC/ tracked) when
> cat-ting the /proc/interrupts when the module has been removed, even just once.
> All this is with just the dmasound as a module, and not the soundcore (sc is
> compiled in). (this shouldn't matter, right?)
> Any insight on this would be greatly appreceated.
> Thanks for your time.
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