Mouse freezes on PowerStack

Kazunori Aoshima aoshimak at
Mon Sep 20 16:43:53 EST 1999


I am installing R5 on PowerStack again and again.
I am testing the shortest method for stable install 
again and again.

Almost all the method is stabled.
But, only PS/2 mouse with KDE is always freeze.

When animation bar or opening window, system freezes mouse, and
seems reset SCSI.

I use a kernel-2.2.10 with Gary's patches.
Xfree86-Xbh and KDE's are default packages.
Kernel options are the same as the Gary's default.

What are there conflicting at the time?
I am appreciate if you have some ideas.

Best regards.
Kaz Aoshima = PReP station
Material deveropment, Faculty of engineering, 
Tohoku University, Japan
E-mail:aoshimak at
#I am appreciate if you could tell me suggestions
 for my bad English expressions.

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