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Joseph Garcia jpgarcia at
Mon Sep 20 02:59:14 EST 1999

Shaw Terwilliger wrote:
> Also, does anyone have a solution to my Lombard audio problem?
> After a snooze, it comes back up and my audio is gone.  The kernel
> driver seems to be there (mixers remember all previous levels and
> can set new ones), and user-space access to /dev/dsp and /dev/audio
> works, but nothing comes out of the speakers.

i have this problem ony my wallstreet/300 also.  I don't know of a fix yet.  A
temporary way around it would be to make a module of dmasound, and rmmod it
before sleeping, and insmodding it after, however it seems that this code is
also broken.  interrupt allocation.  will panic upon a 3rd insmod, or a cat of
/proc/interrupts while it is not installed.  If this were fixed, i'd think the
sleeping issue would be a snap.

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