patches: MacOS-like Wallstreet sound in/out controls

Shaw Terwilliger sterwill at
Mon Sep 20 02:54:35 EST 1999

Joseph Garcia wrote:
> since we aren't psychics, the daemon should have a configuration and script
> place in /etc (/etc/pmu?).  the config would allow the user to control some
> standard responses on how it acts internally. (like volume control, switching,
> etc)  then the option to do additional things in scripts.  Given the potential
> flexibility people may want, does this mean C is too static, and thus perl or
> another more script-friendly language should be used?

ALSA takes a reasonable approach to this problem; there's a user-space
utility called alsactl that can read a simple configuration file and
apply those values to the hardware or read the settings from the hardware
and write them to a file.  Normally this program is used during startup
and shutdown, to keep mixer settings between them.  A daemon would be
more appropriate for sleep or other PMU events.

Also, does anyone have a solution to my Lombard audio problem?
After a snooze, it comes back up and my audio is gone.  The kernel
driver seems to be there (mixers remember all previous levels and
can set new ones), and user-space access to /dev/dsp and /dev/audio
works, but nothing comes out of the speakers.

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