patches: MacOS-like Wallstreet sound in/out controls

Dan Malek dmalek at
Sun Sep 19 17:55:41 EST 1999

Joseph Garcia wrote:

> attached are a set of patches to make sound controls like those in MacOS.

Since I was the last one to check in changes to the driver, I have kind of
been nominated to do this again.  I have patches from several people for some
functional updates on new hardware.  I can add these in/out controls if
people really want them.

While I understand the convenience of these in/out controls, I personally don't
like them.  I run a variety of programs that perform these operations for me.
Sometimes I want to run both line out and speakers at the same time, or select
the microphone without having to unplug line in.  I guess the in/out doesn't prevent
me from doing this, just that a change (plug in or out) will cause a configuration
change without my mixer knowing.  If people generally want these, I'll put them
in along with the other changes I am making.

    -- Dan

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